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The Corralejo area is one of the best places on this island to learn to surf or increase your level. In Corralejo you will find magnificent waves from both the east and the west and the best conditions. You can choose between some of the surf courses for beginner or intermediate levels, and even private lessons, which will allow you to focus on every aspect you need to improve to surf more waves and enjoy this exciting sport and lifestyle more.


Corralejo is the "surfer" heart of Fuerteventura, located in the northeast of the island and surrounded by dunes. In its paradisiacal blue-blue waters and its extensive beaches with a multitude of peaks and waves for all levels, beats the heart of surfing and the numerous adventurers who pass through these waters. In Corralejo there are waves for all levels: From “la Derecha de los Alemanes”, a wave for intermediate level surfers, or the “el Muelle” wave, with a rocky bottom, for expert surfers to Moro beach, located in Corralejo. Dunes Natural Park, suitable for all levels of surfing.

Fuerteventura is an island where you can make dreams come true and get closer to the balanced and sunny life that many of us dream of, however, without a doubt, Corralejo is where the dreams of surfers, beginners and non-professionals, come true every day. In Corralejo the Atlantic sends us waves for all levels, every day of the year in a large natural park of dunes where you will also find the exotic island of Lobos and its world-class wave.

You will discover that surfing in Corralejo is an experience full of adventures and small pleasures, incredible people from all corners of the world and crystal clear waters.

If you want to learn or improve your surfing skills, I recommend signing up for a surf school. One option is Fuerte Tribù, a school that offers learning experiences for both adults and children, and which also specializes in "adapted surfing" for people with disabilities.

Multilingual surf school, instructors are qualified, experienced and selected for their skills and teaching ability.

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